Rules for the Odyssey of the Mind 2020 Virtual World Finals

Please do NOT ignore or go against any health advisories, ever. Understand that we will be evaluating your solutions, not the quality of your video. This means that you can “meet” as a team online and record the performance while you are self-quarantined if that is your only option. You will be allowed to change your submitted video at any time until the deadline. If you have a question about recording that contains problem-specific information, you can submit a clarification here. The Spontaneous portion of the competition will be released in May. Learn How to Submit your solution here.

Clarifications will be issued for general and problem-specific rules, when further details becomes necessary.
(Updated May 6, 2020)

The Required Video for All Teams:

  1.  is allowed to be recorded and set up by one or more people not on the team.
  2.  may include the use of microphones at no cost.
  3.  the recording device must be stationary during the performance and must record the entire performance site.
  4.  must be a continuous and unaltered recording. Edits, cuts, zooming, or any movements of the camera location or focus is not allowed during the performance. The use of virtual backgrounds is not allowed with one exception: if the team creates a physical background it may be converted into a virtual background shared by other team members. However, one team member must use the original background during the performance (4/ 21)).
  5.  must record the entire performance. All team members, props, settings, etc. must be in the frame. If you use a third-party conference/meeting software, make sure team members are on screen for the entire time of the performance and do your best to show props, settings, and costumes.
  6.  must begin with “Team Begin!” This is when setup occurs and the 8-minute performance time begins (placing backdrops, props, etc.). Time limits for presenting the solution and any overtime penalties still follow the problem rules. However, when teams are submitting previously recorded performances, “Team Begin” is not required to be included in the recording, provided that it is clear to judges when the team’s performance has begun. In cases of remote performance recording where the team is separated, teams may begin their performances with sets, props, costumes, etc. in place to allow performances to fit within the required time limit (4/21).
  7.   may have any type of ending the team wishes.
  8.  includes explanation time after the performance is completed. The team is allowed to highlight components of the solution in the video. This could be how certain items were created, how they operated, how they added to the solution, and so on. This must not make the recording extend beyond 15 minutes. This portion may be edited and must be included after the performance ends. Non team members may appear in the explanation portion of the team’s video but the team members should be providing the additional explanation regarding their solution (4/21).
  9.  The Team List, Style Form, Cost Form, and Outside Assistance Form should not be in the video. Teams must upload a separate link to this paperwork before the deadline. You are allowed to complete your team’s cost form on a Google Spreadsheet that is shared.
  10.  the video must be uploaded to a file sharing service of your choice, provided it is accessible in the USA. Be sure your sharing settings allow officials to view it.
  11.  Pictures are optional. You may submit up to 10 pictures of your solution and 4 Style pictures, one for each Style category (4/21). These are NOT required to be taken while the solution is being presented.
  12.  does not require a membership sign, however; teams must title their submission in the following format: problem/division/membership number. For example: P1D2 90888. If part of your scored solution includes the membership sign it is allowed in addition to naming the video as described.
  13. All teams are encouraged, but not required, to submit a performance script (4/21).
  14. Non team members may act as stagehands in supporting the team’s performance. They may not add to the solution in any other way (4/21).
  15. The explanation portion of the team’s video should focus on aspects of the solution that are shown in the team’s submitted performance recording. If teams wish to include changes or improvements made after regional competition, that do not appear in a previous recording, the team must create a new performance video to have those changed aspects scored (4/21).
  16. Teams may recreate the required forms in the format that is easiest for the team to submit, provided they use the same language and items are in the same order. The team’s forms must be a recognizable replica of the online forms provided by Odyssey of the Mind. (5/6)

Problem-Specific Rules:

Problem 1: Longshot Solution Additional Rules

Problem 2: Networking Additional Rules

Problem 3: The Effective Detective Additional Rules

Problem 4 : Balsa Limbo Additional Rules

Problem 5: Gibberish or Not Additional Rules