***Due to the high number of participants for some problems and divisions, teams were randomly split into 2 or 3 groups. The 6 highest scoring teams of each of those groups were advanced and then judged by an independent judging team to determine the final ranking. This was done to ensure that the finalists were judged consistently by the same group of judges. You can see the first round of scoring and the final round of scoring. Congratulations to all teams for a job well done!

As we proceeded with the Virtual World Finals we were forced to abandon the “ties within one point rule” in the Program Guide.  There were so many teams in some competitions, for example, Problem 3 Division 1 had almost 120 teams, it was impossible for one judging team to score all of the teams. As mentioned above, we advanced the top 6 teams from each group.  You can see in the results where there were a great deal of teams that would have tied under the one-point system so we had to make a change. Reviewing each team took approximately 45 minutes. The change was made to ensure the finalists were judged by every judge and ties had to be exact. Thank you for understanding and congratulations to all teams!

Check out the Ranatra Fusca winners here!


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