Additional Rules for Balsa Limbo


Ship your structure and team information to:
Odyssey of the Mind
c/o Creative Competitions, Inc.
406 Ganttown Road
Sewell, NJ 08080

It will be measured by judges and tested using a crusher machine.

Teams may ship their structures to CCI in any container the team wishes. Teams may include preferred handling instructions for CCI staff, who will follow those instructions as closely as possible. (April 3, 2020 )

Information to include with the structure:

  • Team information- Division & Membership Name and Number clearly typed or written. If this is not included judges will not know what team to award points too!
  • Instructions on how the structure is to be transformed into the limbo position and back again into testing position and the limbo height intended.
  • Describe how the additional material was used to connect the balsa pieces for the limbo.

Use a backup structure or other item to represent the structure in your performance and to portray weight-placement.

Solution Explanations and Style (to appear after your performance on the video)

  1. Describe how and why the structure was designed and built.
  2. A close-up of how the sound effect was produced. You may include a brief explanation.
  3. A close-up of the balsa wood character. You may include a brief description of how it was built, what materials were used, and how it was animated.
  4. Describe the production of the dance and, if there are more than one, which is to be scored.
  5. A close-up of the costume scored in Style Category F1. You may include a description of how the costume was made, what materials were used and how it grew or appeared to grow.
  6. A close-up of the prop scored in Style Category F2. You may include a brief description of how it was made and what materials were used.
  7. The Free Choice Style Categories F3 and F4. You may include a brief description of how the idea originated.
  8. Other information your team wishes to provide the judges.

Reminder: the entire video cannot exceed 15 minutes. The non-performance components shown during explanation time may be edited, zoomed, etc., to better show your work.

If you are unable to leave the house when you are ready to ship your structure, various companies have a “Ship from Home” option. Remember to follow all local guidelines!