Virtual World Finals Family Problem


A. The Problem

This year, the Odyssey of the Mind creative problem-solving family has grown to include everyone living together—family, friends, roommates, etc. Households have become their own creative problem-solving team! For the first time, this problem is intended to be solved together as a creative family using Odyssey of the Mind principles—this means everyone in your home! Your problem is to design, create and wear a costume intended to make people laugh. Each entry will be judged on the appearance and presentation of the costume as they “smile down the aisle.”

B. Limitations

1. The costume must:

  • be made completely out of items currently found within your house- repurposed items, trash items, etc. Nothing can be purchased for the construction of the costume.
  • be original; however, it may include modified commercially-produced parts found at home.
  • not be supported by the floor. The costume may touch the floor as long as the floor is not supporting it in any way.
  • must be worn by one or more team members of the household. There is no minimum or maximum number; however, no one outside of the home is allowed to have any role. Social distancing and local guidelines must be followed at all times.
  • will be presented in a video. Be sure the costume can easily be worn and shown off via recording!
  • be safe in its design. For example, your costume isn’t allowed to have AC power. No part of the costume or its presentation can cause damage or harm to the competition site (AKA your home!) as described in the 2019-20 Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide.

2. Everything you wear and the way you act during the presentation will be considered as part of your costume including cosmetics, apparel, eyewear, movement, etc. You may also use props.

C. The Competition

1. You will record your costume in action as you “smile down the aisle.” This can be inside your home or on the property. Do not travel anywhere to record your presentation of your costume.

2. The recording:

  • will begin by saying your team name and where you are from. The team name can be anything you wish, but will identify you to the judges.
  • will start with the team in costume on one side of a room. It will show the team member(s) wearing it walk down an “aisle” and across the room. In the middle of the room, the team member(s) wearing the costume will turn around at least once and then continue walking to the other side. Any humorous elements in addition to the appearance should be presented while walking from one side to the other.
  • must be continuous and cannot exceed 1 minute.
  • will be emailed to: The email must contain your team name and home address. The submission deadline is May 22. Winners will be announced before the Awards Ceremony. All information must be in the email to be considered for placement.
  • must be appropriate for all ages. This includes everything included in the entry.

3. The top 10 solutions will be showcased before the Awards Ceremony.

D. Scoring

1. Your costume will be rated by how creative and unexpected it looks, how you present it, and its humor. Scoring will be determined by a panel of Odyssey of the Mind officials.

2. Plaques will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Download the Problem Here

There is no cost to participate in this problem!