What to Expect at the Odyssey of the Mind Virtual World Finals Spontaneous Competition

  1. The spontaneous portion of the competition will take place online in a timed format.
  2. Shortly after the deadline for the Long-Term Video submission passes, we will open the spontaneous competition. Teams will have three days to solve the problem.
  3. The contact on the Teams’ VWF registration will receive an email with a link to the competition. That person can be the one to get the team together virtually and login and type responses given by team members or they can send the link to a team member, coach, or parent who will organize the team’s solving of the problem.
  4. The person who is logged into the Competition Response Form will type all the responses given by the team members in the scoring field of their choice. An email with the link will be sent to the team contact in the Virtual World Finals Registration. The typist does not have to be a team member.
  5. Every problem will be a verbal and a sample will be posted in a few days from today (May 7).
  6. Teams will only have one opportunity to compete. They may do so anytime over the days the competition is open.

Learn exactly how the Spontaneous Competition will go!
Click here to download this training.

Download a summary of the procedures here.

After reading the training, click here to try a practice problem in the VWF Format!

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