Welcome to the 2020 Virtual Creativity Festival.  This year we’re bringing the fun and creative problem-solving to you!

Visit OMER’s Virtual Pin Collection. See the Odyssey of the Mind Trophies and explanations of each. And be sure to check out fun online activities from our partners Arm & Hammer™, NASA, and COU. 

Just like the on-campus Creativity Festival, you can visit “booths” created by Odyssey state/country associations and participate in a fun challenge. Visit a booth, take part in the activity, and receive a virtual stamp! Collect as many stamps as you can and you will also receive the OdysseyHQ Stamp.

Some booths will give you a section of a link that takes you to a hidden webpage that contains the OdysseyHQ Virtual Stamp.  Once you have collected all the missing pieces of the link you can enter it into your browser and it will take you to the page!  Download the guide here so you know which booths have the pieces and what order they should go in.

Some of these activities will change through our event until May 30th, so keep checking back!   Have Fun!

Our Partners

NASA Science Talks May 28: Registration Now Open!

Pins & Awards

Festival Booths