To ensure that your solution is seen by the Virtual WF Officials please follow these steps to submit. Registration and submission will be open April 1 – May 15.


Register Your Team!

We encourage you to register your team for Virtual World Finals as soon as you decide to participate. Payment is not required until submitting your solution. Once you register you will receive a Virtual World Finals login. You can upload your video and pay until May 15 at 8 PM US ET. Remember you can update your video and paperwork until the deadline.

Record Your Solution:

The recording must be continuous, with no cuts, edits, or movements of the camera location. See all rules for recording your solution here.

Create Link for the Video via Google Drive or other Cloud sharing service:

Teams are allowed to use any sharing service as long as it provides a link to view the solution. Be sure your sharing settings allow officials to view it. See Rules for more details. Need help creating a shareable link? View a tutorial about creating shareable links using Google Drive.

Along with video, you must also submit the paperwork that goes along with competition:

Include Team Required List, Style Form, Cost Form, Outside Assistance Form. You will submit via link the same time as when you register and submit your video. This can be a picture/scan of your form or a re-created document if needed.

Download required paperwork here:

Team Required Lists:
Problem 1: Longshot Solution
Problem 2: Net Working
Problem 3: Classics…The Effective Detective
Problem 4: Balsa Limbo
Problem 5: Gibberish or Not

Style Form
Cost Form
Outside Assistance Form


Have a question about submitting a specific aspect of your solution? Ask for a Clarification here.