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About Us

Dr. Sam Micklus, Founder

"Never say you can't. Say you can but it will be difficult" - Dr. Sam

OdysseyHQ is a small family-run business with a big passion for creative problem-solving. It is backed by a global network of grassroots volunteers that make up Odyssey of the Mind. While OM™ has a world-wide reach, the content of the program is created by OdysseyHQ—still run by Founder Dr. Sam’s family and staff. HQ creates the framework of the program and publishes new long-term problems each year with the help of experienced problem writers and leaders in professions represented by each problem.

From there, licensed non-profit OM Associations host competitions, trainings, and events. Each Association has a director that runs the program with the help of other volunteers in your area. Contact your Association Director with tournament questions or volunteer opportunities in your area. 

OM’s success depends on the countless number of volunteers that believe in the importance of creative problem solving. Many have given years of service, while even more started as a participant and grew into leadership roles within the program! With more than 40 years of inspiring creativity in the classroom, there are now generations of “OMers” that bring their special talents to the program.  .

There are many ways to be part of the Odyssey of the Mind family:

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