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Member Resources

Welcome teams, members, parents, and coaches.

In this space you will find everything you need to navigate through the Odyssey of the Mind program. Frequently-accessed forms and resources can be found in the sections below. For team-specific functions and information, please log in to the Member Area or Team Portal.

Member News!

Problem 3: The List of Allowed Lesser Known Historic Figures is now in the Members Area! You may also log in to this area to request approval for an historic figure that is not yet on the list.

Member News!

If you wish to submit a name for consideration to be added to the list you may do so here using the following criteria: The person must have been a real documented person. The person must not have been alive on or after January 1, 1920. You may only submit one person for consideration at a time. Your team is limited to three submissions. If it is approved, the name becomes public.
View List or Submit a Name

Team List Forms

  • Problem 1: Escape vroOM (coming soon)
  • Problem 2: Odyssey reOMvention (coming soon)
  • Problem 3: Classics…(Name Here) The Musical Production (coming soon)
    Problem 4: Matryoshka Structure (coming soon)
    Problem 5: Life is a Circus! (coming soon)
    Primary: Tri-Cycle Transport (coming soon)

Member Area & Team Portal Login

Logging-in allows you to register your team for competitions, connect with your local association, and access members-only documents: the problems, artwork, and more. Log in with your membership number and zip code to access our member’s only area!

After logging in you can:
  • • Create Individual Team Logins
    • Download Long-Term Problems (English & Spanish)
    • Register for Tournaments
    • Submit Long-Term Problem Clarifications requests
    • Download problem/program art and logos
    • Download certificates

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