Odyssey of the Mind has been the world’s greatest creative problem-solving program since its beginning, in 1978. What started as a project for students in a single industrial design class has grown into a world-wide program that has reached multiple generations, allowing students to learn, develop, and employ skills related to teamwork, resource management, designing and making, divergent thinking, and so much more. Odyssey of the Mind provides students with a place to learn today’s creative problem-solving skills while having fun!

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Odyssey News and Updates

September 22, 2020

With the inclusion of virtual tournaments to the 2020-21 Odyssey of the Mind year, Odyssey HQ has made a minor change to Spontaneous performances. Teams had previously been limited to five team members participating in the solution but now the entire team may contribute to Spontaneous solutions. For the full text of this change and to see ALL program rules and procedures, please consult the Program Guide.

September 2, 2020

Current members may now submit team-specific clarificiation requests through our recently-redesigned Clarifications page. The deadline for submitting clarification requests is February 15, 2021.

August 27, 2020

Are you having trouble envisioning what a virtual Odyssey of the Mind performance looks like? Visit our newest page to see some of the ways that your team can capture your solution for virtual submission, all of which meet our virtual performance guidelines.

August 24, 2020

The updated Program Guide for 2020-21 is now available for all to view, in two formats. You can view and download the entire document (PDF) or visit our new page which allows you to quickly jump to the section(s) you’re looking for. This guide is intended for use by coaches and teams in Odyssey of the Mind. It contains the general rules for competition and will help them understand our program.