Advanced Spontaneous Kit


Use the skills learned in Baseball Cap Basics to help take your team to the next level. Step up your basic verbal problems with combining a required story element with a picture or necessary response problem or give the team a problem that doesn't allow for think time. Have the team create for a complex hands-on/verbal problem before they know what the verbal question will be or apply the basic structure skills to a hands-on problem with materials not commonly seen in a structure type problem. GRADUATION CAP ADVANCEMENTS kit is designed to help your team advance from the basics and graduate to the next level of success as a spontaneous team. This kit will ship separately from the rest of your order.

This kit contains 40 problems broken up into the following categories:

Basic Verbal Problems (20)

o Simple (10)

o 2-Part Simple (6)

o Fill-Ins (3)

o 2-Part Fill-Ins (1)

Complex Verbal Problems (7)

o Comparison (2)

o No Think Time (1)

o Picture (1)

o Skit (1)

o Story Combinations (2)

Basic Hands-On/Verbal Problems (3)

o Single Object (1)

o Multiple Objects (1)

o Drawing (1)

Complex Hands-On/Verbal Problems (4)

o Single Object (2)

o Multiple Objects (2)

Hands-On Problems (6)

o Structure (2)

o Task-Related (4 )

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