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Emerald Coast Regional Tournament
Judge Registration




We simply cannot hold a tournament without our Officials & Judges. In order to maintain a fair and even playing field ALL Officials are required to attend training sessions.  A single Regional Tournament can need over 90 Officials. 


Judges will be assigned to their Role and Problem prior to training to ensure all roles and problems are covered. Relations to team members will be taken into consideration when assigning official and judging roles.


All Officials will be given a lanyard on tournament day.  This lanyard is to be worn at the tournament. Officials will not be able to see their own children’s performance.


Only registered judges can attend the judges training.


Emerald Coast Region – Official/Judge Requirements

 Each team is required to supply a judge who must be registered by January 6, 2024 as part of your tournament registration. Any team provided judge who does not show to Judges Training or the Tournament could cause the team to incur a $100 fine and risk a 25-point penalty.


2024 Emerald Coast Judge Training

Judges training will be 3 Feb at Crestview High School in Crestview from 9AM to 2PM central time.



If you are experiencing difficulties with any of the above, please contact Doug Smith ( or call (850)226-1772.


Judge Information
 First name
 Last name
 City, state, zip   
 Cell Phone 
 Lunch set 
 Training Session 
 Are you under 18 years old 

 Experience in years
 Team member 

Check all that apply to you
  Odyssey alumni

Are you representing a team?    No | Yes

Do you have any children/relatives competing?   No | Yes

 Past Position(s) Held (Check all that apply)
  Spontaneous Verbal
  Head Judge
  Problem Judge
  Holding Room
  Weigh-In Judge
  Staging Area Judge
  Score Checker
  Time Keeper
  Door Keeper
  Score Room
  Style Judge
  Spontaneous Hands-on


I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:

- I am committed to judging the entire tournament day and understand I will not be able to see the team's performance.

- On Tournament Day, judges duties will begin as early as 7:00 AM and end as late as 3:30 PM.

- I understand I must attend in person Mandatory Judges training.

- I understand that once I am trained, I am committed to judge since a replacement cannot be trained prior to tournament.

 I understand and agree with the above terms and conditions.(e)