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General Clarifications

General clarifications amend or further explain a problem’s limitations without revealing information about a team’s solution. The clarifications below take precedence over limitations listed in the problem and the rules in the Program Guide, so it’s important that teams keep current on all general clarifications issued throughout the year.

Problem 1: Escape vroOM

Date Clarification
Sep 22, 2021 B7e – Electronically pre-programmed: Electronic components which include memory storage are prohibited. Non-memory electronic components which meet Long Term Problem and Program Guide limitations are allowed, when used safely.
Oct 6, 2021 The Problem: The Problem statement includes this wording, “…they discover the mystery behind the room!”. “Behind” references the room’s existence. For example, what the room is, why it exists, how it got there, etc. It does not mean a mystery element that is physically located at the rear or behind the room.
Oct 6, 2021 B7e – Electronically pre-programmed: The general clarification of Sep 22, 2021 applies to all vehicle parts and operations.
Oct 25, 2021 C. Site, Setup, and Competition: Preferred audience seating is not shown in Figure A but when possible seating will be set up perpendicular to the Release Line and Clue Line, allowing the audience to view the vehicle runs.

Problem 2: Odyssey ReOMvention

Date Clarification
Sep 14, 2021 F2 – Creative use of paperclips: To qualify as allowed paper clips, they must be available in a commercially produced package that identifies with wording “paper clips.” Binder clips and similar items are not allowed.
Sep 22, 2021 B11b – The two required animal characters: Must be of an existing, non-human animal species and an original character created by the team. For example, a talking rabbit would be acceptable, however a talking rabbit based on a recognizable existing character would not.
Oct 25, 2021 B6 – The original threat: Cannot be an existing threat, or be a threat in a conventionally-known way. However, it could be something that exists but threatens in an original way or threatens a different thing, area, group, etc. The threat must also be self-replicating.
Oct 25, 2021 B6a & B9a – The original threat and its setting: The setting of the threat must be current-day Earth. It may be presented any way the team wishes, but must be tangible and visible to the judges and audience.
Nov 29, 2021 B9 – The Setting: The setting of the threat must be current-Day Earth. Something in or on Earth must be threatened. However, the threat may come from beyond Earth. It may be presented any way the team wishes, but must be tangible and visible to the judges and audience.

Problem 3: (Name Here): The Musical Production

Date Clarification
Oct 6, 2021 B6b – Better remembered in history: The performance does not need to be historically accurate, but the accomplishments of the historic figure must be historically accurate. Note that placing the accurate accomplishments in a history different from reality may impact the overall effectiveness of the solution, depending on how it’s depicted.
Oct 25, 2021 B10b – The creative scene change: Set pieces used after the scene change must have been visible and used as a set piece in the first scene to qualify for use. For example, a backdrop that was in a box in the first scene would not be allowed as a set piece in the second scene.
Nov 9, 2021 B7 – The selected lesser-known historic figure character: This person must not only be someone not well-remembered in history but must have achievements or actions that merit great recognition through time.

Problem 4: Matryoshka Structure

Date Clarification
Sep 22, 2021 D4a – Reassembled into one: After being disassembled, the two parts of the Matryoska structure must be reassembled into their original configuration.
Oct 6, 2021 B6h – The Matryoshka Structure: Must contain all the nested items and the tiny character before time begins. It will move as one when assembled and nested and must remain nested if it is turned sideways and upside down. (The word “when” in the original limitation has been changed to “if.”)
Oct 25, 2021 B12c – The tiny character nested inside the smallest structure: Will be portrayed by a team member in costume in the performance. The team member may not operate the tiny character.
Nov 9, 2021 B10b – Nested structures: Nested structures must be made of only balsa wood and glue but do not have to follow sizing rules as described in B7b & c.

Problem 5: Life is a Circus!

Date Clarification
Nov 29, 2021 B10c1 – Make something seem to appear from nowhere: For this problem, “appear from nowhere,” means to make something appear seemingly from no obvious location or source. It does not mean to be revealed from hiding.