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General Clarifications

General clarifications amend or further explain a problem’s limitations without revealing information about a team’s solution. The clarifications below take precedence over limitations listed in the problem and the rules in the Program Guide, so it’s important that teams keep current on all general clarifications issued throughout the year.

Problem 1: Drive-In Movie

Date Clarification
Nov 29, 2023 B6d & B10i – Division I, use of ramps: For Division I only, ramps are permitted on the course during the vehicle’s travel. Ramps are prohibited from providing directional guidance at any time.
Jan 12, 2024 B10c – the original team created food item: after it is loaded onto the vehicle the food item must remain on the vehicle until the vehicle reaches the Parking Spot to be eligible for score in D5b(1).
Jan 12, 2024 B10b – the vehicle must break the plane of the ticket booth area before it acquires the ticket.

Problem 2: AI Tech-No-Art

Date Clarification
Jan 31, 2024 B7 & B9b – Three team-created works of art are required, two of which are tangible. One of those team-created tangible works of art is dismantled by the device and reassembled to create a new tangible piece of art.
Jan 31, 2024 B9d – While Division 1 teams are permitted to use indirect human power at any time to power the device (B6e), no teams, including Division 1 teams, may directly or indirectly touch the original work of art from when the disassembly process has begun until the new work of art is complete. The process of the change is considered complete if a team member directly or indirectly touches the original work of art.

Problem 3: Classics…Opening Night Antics

Date Clarification
Oct 27, 2023 D5, 6, and 7: The set malfunction, unexpected sound effect, and the team-created antic must be presented as three different events to qualify for score. For example, if a set malfunction may produce an unexpected sound effect, only one will be scored.
Oct 27, 2023 B8 – The set malfunction: must include scenery designed to establish a particular scene. Refer to the Glossary in the Program Guide for the definition of a stage set.
Oct 27, 2023 B11 – The theater critic character: is not a character in the team’s play, but is an independent observer of the play. The role of the theater critic does not need to be visible throughout the performance.
Oct 30, 2023 I. Problem Glossary: Play – a live performance in front of a live audience in a theatre.
Jan 8, 2024 B7 – The original play: The team’s play may contain characters from the selected story, if the team so chooses.
Jan 8, 2024 B11 – The Theater Critic Character: The theater critic is not a character in the team’s original play but is an observer of the opening night production. The intended spirit is that the theater critic personifies the essence of one of the characters listed from the book in B11a.
Jan 8, 2024 D3 Should read: The story theme from the list in B7a.
Jan 8, 2024 D8a Should read: Portrays a listed character from the book with the selected theme from B11a.
Jan 8, 2024 Glossary: Play – a live performance in front of a live audience in a theatre that includes a storyline or plot; however, the play does not have to depict a live audience, in order to be considered a play, but must appear to be performed in front of a live audience.

Problem 4: Deep Space Structure

Date Clarification
Jan 3, 2024 B17 & F2 – The Team List has been revised from 5 line items to 6, adding: A brief description of the special effect scored in F2 and when it will take place in the performance.

Problem 5: Rocking World Detour

Date Clarification
Oct 27, 2023 F1 – Artistic Quality of a band member’s makeup: The team must specify one band member to be scored. The judges will score the artistic quality of all elements of that band member’s appearance that result from the application of materials that alter the color and/or shape of the character’s face and skin not covered by a costume.
Dec 12, 2023 B11 – Original hairstyles: Only styling of hair on the face or head will be considered for score.