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The following problems are for practice only. To view the synopses of the official 2022 - 2023 Odyssey of the Mind problems, click here!

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Clean up your Act

  1. The Problem (suggested for teams of three to five people)
    Your problem is to create and present a performance about pollution and an original solution to reduce it. You can decide the type of pollution to use for your theme, such as the pollution of freshwater, saltwater, air, the ozone layer, environmental aesthetics, etc. The team must include the following in the performance:
    1. The cause of the pollution.
    2. A representation of the pollution. This may be photographs, drawings, models, people in costume, etc.
    3. The actual or potential effect of the pollution on our environment.
    4. A suggestion to reduce the pollution.
    5. Something made from trash, e.g., new uses for old products, a new product made from trash, a work of art, an ani- mal made out of trash that could be helped by reducing pollution, etc.
    6. Involving the audience in some way.

  2. Limitations
    1. All scenery, props and costumes included in the team's presentation must be made from used items. However, teams may purchase glue, staples, tape, nails and other similar items.
    2. Performance time is 8 minutes.
    3. School or office furnishings may be used. This includes video players, projectors, cd players, art supplies, etc. Musical instruments may also be used.

  3. Scoring (if the problem is used in competition)
    1. Overall quality of the presentation (stage presence), 1 to 20 points
    2. Overall creativity of the presentation, 1 to 25 points
    3. Presentation of how the pollution occurred (originality, elaboration), 1 to 20 points
    4. Representation of the pollution (creativity, aesthetics), 1 to 20 points
    5. Presentation of the effects on the environment (effectiveness), 1 to 25 points
    6. Originality of the solution to reduce pollution, 1 to 50 points
    7. One selected item made of trash (originality, appearance, integration into performance), 1 to 25 points
    8. Involving the audience, 1 to 15 points