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Why use Odyssey of the Mind curriculum activities?
These activities are written with creativity in mind. Students get to brainstorm and come up with many answers - not just one correct answer. This method teaches independent critical thinking and problem-solving skills that apply to many aspects of daily life. The activities appeal to many interests and incorporate hands-on learning, so they are fun to complete. When students are involved with activities that interest them, they are more likely to be creative.

How do I incorporate these activities into my classroom?
The activities can be tailored to suit the needs of the teacher or to fit any age or grade level. The activities encompass different topics, but they can be adjusted to conform to just about any subject. For example, in the activity, From a Distance, the goal is for students to research the Earth and create an exhibit about their findings. If you are teaching physics, have students create an exhibit about physical properties instead. Also, you may easily introduce another subject into this activity. For example, when students create their components for the exhibit, ask them to use as many different geometrical shapes as possible. Now you have an activity that is related to science and math. Just as we expect the students to be creative in completing the activities, we encourage the teacher to be creative in using them.

How will the activities help students in Odyssey of the Mind?
Again, completing the activities requires creative thinking. This is yet another opportunity for students to apply their creative problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. The more these skills are put to use, the more natural they become. Students learn to readily examine alternative approaches to solving problems rather than settling for the most obvious answer. These skills carry over to the development of their long-term problem solution; and when creativity comes naturally, students are more likely to think quickly in the spontaneous competition.