Atlantis 1987-1988
Divisions II & III
Design a "submersible" vessel with remote-control arms from which occupants(s) will collect artifacts and sea samples from Atlantis, including a statue, pottery, a humorous Atlantis item, an Atlantis coin, an Atlantis map and a sea creature. The team will also create a scenario that includes a sea monster and a crisis. Time limit: 10 min. Cost limit: $75 USD.

The Gift of Flight 1987-1988
Divisions I, II & III
Make and operate a series of aircraft:
1. a folded paper airplane launched by hand to stay aloft as long as possible;
2. a glider launched by hand to fly through a specified target area;
3. a rubber band-powered airplane to fly across a course.
Divisions I & II:
4. an aircraft of any material launched by pulling a string to fly across the course and break a balloon;
5. a kite or balloon aircraft to stay aloft for 20 seconds and to be flown for accuracy;
6. three folded paper airplanes thrown by hand to land on a target.
Division III:
4. a folded paper airplane launched by a standard mousetrap;
5. a kite or balloon aircraft that will transfer five ping-pong balls into containers;
6. an aircraft that will emerge from a closed container and fly at least 10 feet.
Time limit: 9 min. Cost limit: $50 USD.

Classics . . . It's Showtime 1987-1988
Divisions I, II & III
Develop and execute a musical scene using one from a designated list of classics (books, stories and plays) as its basis. The team will also present an oral summary of the original work and, in advance, present a playbill to the judges. Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $75 USD.

Straddle Structure 1987-1988
Divisions I, II & III
Design and construct a structure of balsa wood and glue that will balance and support the greatest weight. The structure must straddle an octagon base 1" inches high and 7 inches across. The structure must measure 8 to 8" inches in height and may not exceed 15 grams in weight. Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $25 USD.

Comics 1987-1988
Divisions I & II
Select a cartoon character(s), make a large graphic cartoon(s) and portray the character(s) in live form performing one to four humorous skits. The team will also produce a playbill and include music in its performance. Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $50 USD.

The Coronation 1987-1988
Create a King, Queen, Prince and/or Princess, make background props and perform a Coronation ceremony. Time limit: 7min. Cost limit: $35 USD.