Mini Golf 1978-1979
Design a device that will move a regular golf ball over given fairways and into a 3" diameter hole. The device may not work on the principle of a golf club, i.e., a golfer swings a club which strikes a ball. You may not hold a straight or curved object and swing it to hit the ball. The device may work on an alternative energy source, contain a linkage system, or be of a "contraption" nature.

Rampmobile 1978-1979
One student from each team will ride a vehicle, designed and built by the team, down a ramp, stopping the vehicle with precision. A sharp pencil will be attached to the vehicle as a reference point. The propulsion will be gravity; however, other sources may be used. The Rampmobile should include a system for stopping and may include an additional propulsion system for precise movement or adjustment when near the target.

Balloons 1978-1979