General Clarification -- Problem 4 Animal House

Problem Clarifications for

Problem No. 4
Clarifications as of Feb-15, 2018

 1.  B7c - Cross section of balsa wood used in the structure: As indicated in the problem, commercial cuts vary. The cross sections are 1/8" x 1/8" (0.32 cm x 0.32 cm) with a maximum allowance of either dimension of 0.135" (0.33 cm). In addition to the variance for the maximum dimensions are minimum dimensions. The minimum dimension is 0.115" or 0.31cm x 0.31cm in one or both dimensions. Any piece that does not have a cross section between 0.31cm x 0.31cm to 0.33cm x 0.33cm will be considered a prohibited piece.

 2.  B7c - Cross section of balsa wood: The requirement of 1/8" x 1/8" cross section allows for manufacturing variations in commercially cut balsa sticks. Teams are not allowed to deliberately reduce the cross section below 1/8" x 1/8" across any length for any purpose other than joining pieces of wood where they intersect. If, after a team has completed weigh-in, its structure is overweight and time permits, the team may alter sticks to meet the 15 gram weight requirement [B6b]. Final interpretation of intent and compliance is at the discretion of the tournament weigh-in officials and/or problem captain.

 3.  D5a - Scoring food items fed to the animal: This score will only be awarded if the three required food items supported by the structure, allowing weight placement to begin, continue to be supported by the structure when it breaks or time ends, whichever comes first. If a food item falls when the structure breaks, it will not count.

 4.  B11d & D5a - Supported food items: After successfully feeding the three required food items and removing the decorations the team will be cleared to place the first weight which is the crusher board. Once the crusher board has been placed over the safety pipe, weight placement has officially begun. The team is allowed to touch its structure when placing the crusher board onto it (see C9) but is not allowed to touch or help support the food items. If a required food item is no longer supported by the structure at any time during weight placement the team may continue placing weights and receive a score of zero for D5a OR may remove all of the weights (including the crusher board) and structure from the tester and start over, beginning with animal decorations attached.

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