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International Teams Requesting Homestays
  1. All International Odyssey team, in good standing, competing at World Finals are eligible for homestays. International teams must be registered for World Finals within two weeks of the national competition to apply for a homestay. If you do not have a national competition, you must register by April 13.
  2. U.S. homestay teams provide lodging, meals, and some planned activities for their international guests.
  3. International teams cover their own transportation costs to the homestay city and from the homestay city to the place of U.S. departure; their own entertainment costs; and shopping costs.
  4. Activities? International coaches/teams plan these together with their homestay coaches/teams.
  5. Homestays generally last 3-4 days after World Finals; specific, agreed upon arrangements are made between the International and homestay coach.
  6. It is the responsibility of the international coach to inform the U.S. homestay coach about any health conditions, dietary restrictions, etc. for their team members/coaches.
  7. Please remember that you will be guests in U.S. team members' homes, not a hotel. Volunteer to help homestay families with planning, preparing, and cleaning up after activities.
  8. It is very important for the international coach to provide travel information for the team (dates, arrival and departure times, flight numbers, airlines, etc.) to the U.S. homestay coach and to Chris Eaton, Odyssey Homestay Coordinator.
If your team would like to have a homestay experience, please contact Chris Eaton, Odyssey Homestay Coordinator at

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