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Problem Clarifications
(NOTE: Cutoff for submitting clarification requests is February 15, 2024.)

General Clarifications
  Long-Term Problems     Last Change
 1. Odyssey Road Rally Jan-28 2010
 2. DinoStories Jan-28 2010
 3. The Wonderful Muses Jan-07 2010
 4. Tee Structure Feb 01 2010
 5. The Eccentrics! Jan-22 2010

Click the name of the long-term problem above to submit a clarification.


Members can start submitting questions on September 1st, 2023.
Please remember the cutoff date is February 15th, 2024. No questions will be answered if received after that date.

The problem clarification system is not intended to replace reading the problem and program guide. Please read them again before submitting a clarification. Do not submit a clarification that asks: (1) if an idea is creative or if one idea would receive more score than another. (No comment regarding subjective scoring will be provided); (2) where the judges or audience will be during the performance (That is a question for your tournament director); (3) to confirm the wording of the problem; (4) if something may be different from an aspect that is specifically required (For example, if the problem requires 1/8" wood for a part you may not use 1/16" wood for that required part).

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