General Clarification -- Problem 2 Emoji, Speak for Yourself

Problem Clarifications for

Problem No. 2
Clarifications as of Feb-15, 2018

 1.  B9a. Sound in the Performance - Sounds that are not allowed: The problem limitations state that no verbal sound in any form is allowed. In addition to verbal sounds are all other sounds produced by the mouth that come from the mouth. These are not allowed to be used in the performance. This includes tongue clicking, whistling, and other noises. Incidental sounds produced by the mouth that are not part of the performance will not be penalized.

 2.  B11 - The technical representation of texting: The text must be produced in an original mechanical way during the performance. The text is not allowed to simply be revealed. For example, removing something to uncover text that is already in place will not qualify for D8 score. To be considered original, the team must use a common item in an original way OR an uncommon item (something not created to produce writing) in a common way OR an uncommon item in an original way.

 3.  B9a - Sound in the performance - Sounds that are not allowed: Verbal sound in any form is not allowed during the performance. This includes any verbal sounds (lyrics, whistling, etc) in prerecorded music the team plays during its performance.

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Please remember the cutoff date is February 15th, 2018. No questions will be answered if received after that date.