Odyssey Experiences

Being part of Odyssey of the Mind makes a lasting impact — whether it is success in the classroom, fulfilling careers, or simply the improved confidence that comes with participation. It’s also rewarding for volunteers and teachers administering the program.

I no longer view a ‘problem’ as an obstacle, but instead, consider it a great opportunity. As a physician, I find myself tackling old problems with a new point of view, something that many of my colleagues are fearful of trying.  OotM prepares a person for a lifetime of facing challenges head-on without backing down.”~ Scott M. Rogers, participant [READ MORE]

“I coordinate, my husband coaches and both my girls are on teams. It connects our family, it’s enriched our school and community, it creates an incredible support system and helps our OMers find the best in themselves. I don’t think there’s a community out there that wouldn’t benefit from having Odyssey.” ~ Bobbie Brooks Steinhauer, OotM parent & volunteer

Odyssey gave me my future. I loved making the props and writing the scripts and performing so much that I went on to study Theatre in college. It instilled creativity and teamwork in me and now, as I hold my Bachelors of Arts in Theatre with a focus in stage management, I know that OotM helped me make that huge life decision.” ~Katie Short, participant

“I whole-heartedly believe that OotM played a very large role in much of my success.  It is amazing that such a good thing for my life was so much fun to do at the same time.” ~ Kevin Twilliger, participant[READ MORE]

“Odyssey is an exciting opportunity that encourages creativity and cooperation in the students. It’s a great thing to see students actually getting excited about academics.” ~ Craig Onofry, Superintendent, to the Harlem Valley Times, New York.

“The very basis for Odyssey’s existence is team effort, creative problem solving, risk taking, divergent thinking, etc.  NASA’s foundation is based upon these same attributes.  Odyssey of the Mind and NASA form a great partnership.” ~ Michael D. King, EOS Senior Project Scientist, Earth Sciences Directorate at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

“It’s just a fabulous program. These kids had to solve a complex problem all on their own and be creative at the same time. That’s a lesson we could all use.” ~ Amy Driscoll, parent, to Sea Coast in Maine.

“Odyssey helped both of our girls grow and bloom. It taught them to think beyond the first idea and to rethink when things didn’t work. Dave and I remain involved long after our girls graduated as we feel strongly that this program provides an opportunity for OMers to develop life skills far beyond participation.” ~ Pam Hall Gombert, parent & volunteer

“OotM taught me how to speak in public in 1981 and now I coach two teams. Every year, it’s the kids from my teams winning the speech contests at school and taking on leadership roles. They are confident and proud!” ~ Amanda J. Dove, participant & volunteer

“Odyssey of the Mind is the one true creative problem-solving program that teaches its participants new ways of looking at the world, new approaches towards solving the problems that confront us in our daily lives, as well as the big picture problems we face in society.” ~ Dr. Jim Mourey, Ph.D. , participant & volunteer [READ MORE]

 “The skills I learned through odyssey have helped me to think more creatively and find different ways to solve problems. It was a creative outlet and a way to interact with other people who also like to think outside of the box. It has also influenced my decision to become an elementary school teacher because I want to teach in a way that emphasizes creativity and imagination.” ~ Kristen Scheuermann, participant

“It just really provides something to my students that isn’t there in the classroom: To work together to solve a problem. They have ownership. They will succeed or fail based on what they can do.” ~ Mathew Eppley, teacher, to the East Valley Tribune in Arizona.

“OotM gives you the skills to excel in your career in a fun and exciting way.” ~ Kevin Czajkowski, Participant [READ MORE]


Odyssey Alumni include people you might recognize…