A Large Role in my Success

I truly believe that OotM is a major factor in my admission into college at Tufts University, getting my current job, and getting previous internships. I think it is largely because OotM provided me with so many invaluable learning experiences. These experiences helped me to become smarter and taught me many life lessons.  They also gave me a lot to talk about in various interviews I’ve had to advance my education and career.

As a bonus, there have been several times when my experiences gave me the perfect answer to an interviewer’s question, and several times they’ve known somebody else in the program.

There are so many reasons why those two things are so invaluable that I couldn’t even list them all.  I whole-heartedly believe that OotM played a very large role in much of my success.  It is amazing that such a good thing for my life was so much fun to do at the same time.

~Kevin Twilliger, Participant