The One True Creative Problem-Solving Program

I feel fortunate that I had so many OotM experiences that prepared me for the role I am in today. The parallels between my experiences in OotM and my current role as a Marketing maven are simply unbelievable.

OotM introduces a new way of looking at problems, not just Odyssey problems, but real-world problems. For students, the program is not just enriching, it is also a smashingly good time; some of my happiest memories growing up and some of my closest friends today are a result of OotM.

For parents, OotM offers an opportunity to forever influence your child’s life that is affordable, positively challenging, and perhaps most important, familial, as you will find that you become just as involved in the program and in your child’s life as a result.

It does not take a Ph.D. to tell you that the involvement of parents in the educational and personal growth of their children is essential for the child’s confidence and future success. (But considering I have my Ph.D., take that statement seriously!)

In short, Odyssey of the Mind is the one true creative problem-solving program that teaches its participants new ways of looking at the world, new approaches towards solving the problems that confront us in our daily lives, as well as the big picture problems we face in society.

Jim Mourey, participant, & volunteer