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Ranatra Fusca Award Winners
The Ranatra Fusca Award, named for the water strider insect, promotes and recognizes creativity. This award represents the essence of the Odyssey of the Mind program. The Ranatra Fusca Award is given to teams or individuals who display tremendous creativity at competitions. This award serves as an incentive for risk takers and creative thinkers among Odyssey of the Mind participants.

Greater Atlanta Christian School
Norcross, Georgia
Problem 1 Nature Trail'R Division I
This team's performance was highly innovative with an undersea adventure and a "live" broadcast. The unique idea of presenting a shadow puppet broadcast simultaneously with the live performance truly enhanced the total effect. Hand shadows and articulated puppets appeared in stunning variety - all performed expertly. This is ultimate creativity in Odyssey performance.

Halstead High School
Halstead, Kansas
Problem 1 Nature Trail'R Division III
This team's highly creative and risktaking vehicle utilized compressed air to set an arm and claw in motion. It picked up and removed the obstacles. The operator controls moved things up, down, and grabbed things from its set of air controls.

Oakton High School
Oak Hill, Virginia
Problem 4 Column Structure Division III
This team showed exceptional creativity in developing a vehicle that is capable of walking forwards, backwards, and turned on its axis using its 12 feet and legs. The linkage system that made the vehicle move in circles and walk was the personification of creativity. Also, the single arm-like claw could perform tasks as delicate as placing the structure on the tester and strong enough to pick up and throw an inflated inner tube. The team also used the vehicle in Column Structure and Nature Trail'R - with both sets of judges nominating it.

Lilceum Ogolonokstzalcae
Gdynia, Poland
Problem 3 Discovered Treasures Division III
The teams inventive musical device showed great creativity. It was an oversized pencil that created musical devices and amplified the sounds produced by its creations. These musical maestros also built an electromagnetic Theremin that made music based on the movement of the team's bodies. These innovative musical instruments were truly discovered treasures.

Upper St. Clair High School
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Problem 4 Column Structure Division III
The amazing 3-D pop-up scenery and props - complete with a live mermaid swimming under the sea and a theatersized spinning chime - made for an outstandingly creative and risky performance. The mermaid was a team member suspended by a harness held by two team members - it gave a magical appearance of swimming that was strikingly realistic. The combination of technical and theatrical devices went above and beyond the required elements of the problem and truly enhanced the team's solution.

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