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Ranatra Fusca Award Winners
The Ranatra Fusca Award, named for the water strider insect, promotes and recognizes exceptional creativity. This award representsthe essence of the Odyssey of the Mind program. The Ranatra Fusca Award is given to teams or individuals who display tremendous creativity at competition. This award serves as an incentive for risk-taking and out-of-the-box thinking for Odyssey participants.

Poinciana Elementary School
Boynton Beach, Florida
Problem 1 Odyssey Road Rally Division I
This team showed exceptional creativity by using a myriad of materials and technical elements. From props made from recycled-only materials like “ABC” gum to make a textured elephant and a bowling ball drive mechanism, this team went to great lengths to use creative ideas in even the smallest details. Its drive system in the vehicle also exhibited an element of risk in its function.

Noah Simmons
Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania
Problem 4 Tee Structure Division III
This individual showed exceptional creativity in designing a new method for lowering the 45-pound weights onto the tester. He decided to suspend the weights with electromagnets. This solution shows a mastery of brainstorming and risk-taking. While some might imagine it, he had the tenacity to make it reality.

Aili Arisca and Laura Wanneberger
University of Connecticut, Cheshire, Connecticut
Problem 2 DinoStories Division IV
This team designed a crowd of dinosaurs managed by only two team members. The design of the dinosaurs showed great creativity and a unique puppetry design never seen before. The effective design convinced the audience that the room was full of dinosaurs!

Fushan JiuJiang Town Middle School
Fushan, China
Problem 2 DinoStories Division II
This team created an overall unique performance using music, dance, mime, intricate costumes, and detailed scenery. The team conceived, designed, and executed electrical and mechanical elements and systems using mostly team-created parts that were well beyond their years.

Osrodek Psychoedukaeji Damb
Gdansk, Poland
Problem 2 DinoStories Division III
This team showed exceptional creativity and risk-taking by designing and constructing a device that plays music as an integral part of the performance. The team created a highly technical program and used materials creatively to build the device. It was an extraordinary combination of principles of pneumatics, programmable electronics, and mechanical engineering that played an artistic tune without human intervention.

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