Membership Costs

A member may be a school, a recognized community group, or a college or university. A membership fee is $135 (U.S.). With each membership, you receive:

  • Five long-term problems that are challenging, user-friendly, and cover a wide variety of subjects. That means that one membership entitles a school to have one team (of up to seven kids) for each problem, in each division within the school!
  • One non-competitive primary problem, designed to introduce younger students to creative problem solving.
  • An Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide, which provides coaching information, rules, sample spontaneous problems . . . AND MORE!
  • The Odyssey of the Mind Newsletter, a quarterly publication loaded with valuable program information.
  • The opportunity to enter official competitions.
  • A chance to attend the annual World Finals.
  • The opportunity to win educational scholarships.
  • All mailings and program updates.
  • Support services from International Headquarters.

Membership Savings

You’ll receive the following discounts if you purchase more than one membership:

  • Each additional membership for the same school or community group @ $100
  • 6-10 members from the same school district (registered at the same time) @ $120
  • 11 or more members from the same school district (registered at the same time) @ $100