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Ranatra Fusca Award Winners
The Ranatra Fusca Award, named for the water strider insect, promotes and recognizes creativity. This award represents the essence of the Odyssey of the Mind program. The Ranatra Fusca Award is given to teams or individuals who display tremendous creativity at competitions. This award serves as an incentive for risk takers and creative thinkers among Odyssey of the Mind participants.

Mill River Union HS
Problem 1Extreme Mousemobiles Division III
Extreme Mousemobiles, Div III: Mill River Union HS for taking great risk in designing a highly creative and mechanically complex machine with many individual parts.

Osrodek Psychoedukacji Damb
Problem 1Extreme Mousemobiles Division II
Extreme Mousemobiles, Div II: Osrodek Psychoedukacji Damb for demonstrating exceptional creativity and risk-taking in the design of its mousemobile. The team created a sophisticated method to recharge mousetrap energy while in motion.

Moraga Rotary Club Team A
Problem 2As Good as Gold...berg Division III
As Good as Gold...berg, Div III: Moraga Rotary Club Team A for showing phenomenal creativity and risk-taking during a hands-on spontaneous problem. They created an extremely humorous skit to go along with its solution even though none was required.

Upper St. Claire HS
Problem 3Le Tour Guide Division III
Le Tour Guide, Div III: Upper St. Claire HS for captivating audiences through its highly creative scenery that allowed the main character to travel seamlessly around the world during its performance.

Moon Elementary School, Team A
Problem 3Le Tour Guide Division I
Le Tour Guide, Div I: Moon Elementary School, Team A for utilizing recycled goods throughout its entire solution. Each element of its performance was created beautifully -- and all with "trash" items!

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