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Ranatra Fusca Award Winners
The Ranatra Fusca Award, named for the water strider insect, promotes and recognizes exceptional creativity. This award representsthe essence of the Odyssey of the Mind program. The Ranatra Fusca Award is given to teams or individuals who display tremendous creativity at competition. This award serves as an incentive for risk-taking and out-of-the-box thinking for Odyssey participants.

Charles Toyne & Charlie Hartman
Ovid, Colorado
Problem 4 Shock Waves Division III
These individuals showed exceptional creativity and risk taking by developing a device to eject the spacers from the weight stack at high speed. Built from bedsprings, levers, and a huge chain that wrapped around the device, the team's "Thingamajig" electrified the audience each time it was lowered onto the weight stack for a shockwave. When the team pulled the chain, the spacers literally flew. This team took tremendous risk, since it's method of removing the spacers could easily have damaged the structure. For a balsa team to take a "hands-off" approach to both placement of the structure and the removal of the spacers was truly creative, risky, and shocking!

Corunna, Michigan
Problem 1 Earth Trek Division II
Over the top switching mechanisms and creative mechanical movements incorporated within realistic 3D environments were part of this teams exceptionally creative performance. This well integrated solution took potatoes from the field to become French fries with added salt.

The team displayed exceptional attention to detail while taking a risk of functional failure if something went wrong during the performance.

Grand Rapids, Michigan
Problem 3 The Lost Labor of Heracles Division III
Extreme technical risk-taking rarely, if ever, seen in Classics.

This team/individual showed exceptional creativity in:
Although known for comedy & tragedy, Ancient Greece was also known for its craftsmanship & ingenious engineering. This team put an extremely risky technical twist on the Classics problem by including a walking, wing-flapping dragon fly, as well as flocks of Stymphalian birds that literally took flight both from the sky as well as from the ground up. Using wireless technology and an elegantly-designed compressed air system, the technical components had engineering work worthy of the Gods and were so well-integrated into the performance that Teach Yer Creature fans might consider them competition.

Monterrey, Mexico
Problem 1 Earth Trek Division II
From the opening scene we were wisked away into this team's elaborate dream world.

This team/individual showed exceptional creativity in: their simple yet highly unique and versatile set and vehicle decoration. By folding, turning, and inverting just a few boxes they created three unique sets which were duplicated simultaneously by their vehicle. This enhanced their unusual nightmare theme, providing a performance that was fully integrated and exceptionally entertaining, leaving everyone laughing.

Castleton, Vermont
Problem 1 Earth Trek Division III
Outstandingly creative vehicle design and operation.
This team/individual showed exceptional creativity in:
The exercising Richard Simmons vehicle had color changing eyes, retracting hair, and bulging muscles, all activated automatically by switches flipped as the vehicle travelled along a team created track. The track itself provided three separate channels of power for the vehicle. Creativity poured out of this team like sweat off Richard Simmons.

Port St. Joe, Florida
Problem 2 Teach Yer Creature Division III
This team's Animal Creature was designed and built not only to perform the required actions, but to participate as an animated performing member. The Animal Creature's movements were fluid and multi-dimensional as evidenced by the fully articulated arms, swinging tail, eyeballs traversing, eyelids blinking and lip synching movements. The Animal Creature was controlled by handmade, programmed circuit boards. The judging team was overwhelmed with this functional engineering capability and display.

Kuba Bartoszewicz, Kejelan Juszczak, Jan Kolendowicz
Poznan, Poland
Problem 5 Superstition Division III
Music is often played but these young men literally made it. They designed and built an electric guitar from scratch by using all types of common materials. They researched the "how" through the internet and used knowledge gained in their high school physics program to design the electrical component. The guitar was a critical element in style. The sounds made by its playing were indistinguishable from a commercial product. A truly creative effort.

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