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OMER's Award Winners
The OMER's Award is given to teams and individuals for showing Odyssey spirit. This includes teams and team members, or anyone involved with World Finals. It can be someone who showed some type of artistic talent, good sportmanship, teamwork, or even for going beyond expectations to help others. An OMER's Award is given to anyone who serves as an outstanding example of Odyssey spirit through their words or actons.

Boca Raton, FL
Problem 1 Tag 'em Division II
This team showed true sportsmanship by graciously helping fellow competitors in the same problem and division.

Mount Pleasant, NC
Problem 3 Around The World In 8 Minutes Division III
This team's exceptional engineering ability led to the construction of a life-sized, fully functioning crash test ramp. The team applied physics, inertia, and clever construction that allowed the device to release a team member down a ramp until stopped by a team-created braking system, but also to be folded up for transport. This team showed their whole-brained approach by successfully integrating their technical device in a classics performance, while artistically incorporating their formulas in the design of the prop.

Jim Mourney
Problem 3 Around The World In 8 Minutes Division III
Several members of the audience, the judging crew and many teams on stage described this energetic timekeeper/announcer as the best they have experienced. Between the performances, he entertained anyone in the hall by signing songs with the audience, offering an open stage to spectators, joking about himself -- just making sure everyone had a really good time. If you heard a whole crowd singing in the Kellogg Center, you knew where to go for fun, and it was because of him.

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