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Ranatra Fusca Award Winners

Westwoods Elementary School #1010
Problem 1 The Great Parade Division 1
Traverse City, Michigan
This team showed exceptional creativity
when they stopped their U-F-O vehicle in front of the judges and elevated their U-F-O in the air with the driver still on board. If that wasn't creative enough, an electric motor was engaged and the U-F-O began to spin. When the spinning stopped, the U-F-O vehicle was lowered and continued on its trip.

Corunna Middle School #10036
Problem 2 Tech Transfer Division 2
Corunna, Michigan
This team showed exceptional creativity
The high degree of risk taking in the design of their unique compressed-air transfer device. The device employed a sophisticated pneumatic system, which utilized balloons that were easily ruptured that would be inflated within a cup attached to each item in order to secure them for transfer and then be deflated to allow for release. The team then used their pneumatic system for a different function, which enabled the device to write text on a white board. The judges were holding their breath in anticipation of whether or not the tasks would be successfully completed.

Palton Junior High School #21290
Individual Ranatra Fusca Award -- David
Problem 3 Ancient Egypt Division 2
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
This team showed exceptional creativity
producing seven unique commercials as his spontaneous responses. Each time it was his turn, he became an announcer selling another unusual product to teachers by taking the vent hose to a different area of the room and combining it with items in the room.

He used the "aggravation" sales approach - a risky path while being judged by three adults he didn't know. Each elaborate commercial took many seconds - another risk in a time-driven problem Besides being very creative, David was VERY funny and made everyone in the room laugh!

Rio Grande City High School #18242
Problem 3 Ancient Egypt Division 3
Rio Grande City, Texas
This team showed exceptional creativity
What do formica chips, egg shells and a realistic Egyptian mosaic have in common? Absolutely nothing! But for one team, hundreds of unique and extremely random scavenged materials become the media from which breathtakingly beautiful and outrageously realistic Egyptian artifacts were created. True to the Odyssey spirit, this team solved the problem of creating a realistic Egyptian scene using toothpicks, candy wrappers and even a team created dough created by trial and error. The gods and goddesses were certainly pleased.

Frederick Tuttle Middle School #16088
Problem 4 Geometry Structure Division 2
South Burlington, Vermont
This team showed exceptional creativity
that they had one of the most creative and unusual uses of materials this judging team has ever seen! When the judges saw the words "real live grass skirt" on the style form, they expected the usual skirt made of grass clippings. But no, the skirt was alive! Bean sprouts and cat grass had been rooted into cotton batting, making a lovely, lush, living, growing aromatic skirt which perfectly completed "mother nature's" costume.

Spencerport High School #20368
Problem 4 Geometry Structure Division 3
Spencerport, New York
This team showed exceptional creativity
This team showed exceptional creativity in constructing the enlarged replica during the 8 minute performance time.
The team astonished all by the variety of unrelated background items and props, including sticks of bamboo and other trees that were combined to form a completed, unique replica. Their skit was filled with hilarious math and geometry puns, as well as original team composed music for saxophone, xylophone, and conga drums.

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