NASA Testimonial

OotM is one of the very few organizations that can carry the NASA message to a broad audience in a positive and meaningful way, with the great potential of influencing students to become the scientists and engineers that will be needed to carry forward NASA’s mission and vision. We continue to be immensely impressed with the creativity of the students, the excitement generated within the teams, the team effort displayed, their problem-solving techniques, and the camaraderie displayed among the participants.

It is estimated that approximately 450,000 students participate in the problems each year. When you couple those students with the coaches, parents, teachers, administrators, siblings, and friends involved, NASA raises the awareness of its science research to a massive amount of people internationally. We reach over 10,000 students at World Finals each year, all in just three days!

Simply stated, at NASA we value the great fit with OotM, since devising unique solutions to complex problems are central components to each organization.

~ Dr. Michael King, Earth Sciences Directorate