•  What’s the best resource for information about Odyssey of the Mind 2019 World Finals for participating teams?
    The coaches letter in the winners packet has information about Michigan State University, housing, and the events that take place during World Finals. You can see these documents online at here.
  • I’ve heard a lot about pin trading, what is it?
    Odyssey of the Mind Associations offer teams pins to trade while at World Finals. Pin trading is a great way to meet new friends from all over the world and to create a collection to help you remember your World Finals experience the rest of your life.
  • Can parents, siblings and others stay in housing with the team members and coaches?
    Yes! Parents are encouraged to stay with teams in the dorms. While filling out your Team Housing Registration Form simply add anyone wishing to stay in the dorms in the allotted space.  The price is the same.
  • Can we select different housing packages?
    Yes, your team is allowed to mix housing packages.
  • Is there a discount for young children?
    Yes!  Children 2 and under do not need to be included on your housing form.  Since most twin beds are bunked, a pack and play is recommended.
  • Our team is unable to make departing flight reservations on Sunday.  Can we stay an extra day?
    Yes!  We offer day before and day after housing packages to add to your selected room and board packages that allow you to extend your accommodations to meet your travel plans.
  • How much is the registration fee?
    If your team selects Odyssey “A” type housing packages, at least one for each team member and one coach (no matter who uses the packages), it does not have to pay a registration fee. Otherwise, the fee is $2500.
  • How do we get to campus from the airport? Do you provide a shuttle?
    Airport greeting service and bus transportation between Detroit Metro (DTW) and Michigan State University will be available with Michigan Flyer’s regularly scheduled service, The round trip cost from Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) to East Lansing/MSU will be $50.00 or one way ticket for $30.00.  A Michigan Flyer info table will be available at the International Center on Saturday from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM the week of World Finals. Departure/pickup locations are determined by the residence hall location. Check with the Michigan Flyer website for return information. Check out our getting to WF page.
  • Where is team registration?
    Team registration will take place at the International Center. Download Registration Info and download directions to campus.
  • What do we do if we arrive on campus after registration closes for the day?
    Registration is open until Midnight on Tuesday and Wednesday; however, if you arrive after registration closes, just go to the International Center.  MSU Staff will direct you to your room and you can register in the morning.
  • Are the dorms air-conditioned?
    Residence halls are not air-conditioned.  A fan is recommended.  The average temperature in Lansing, Michigan at this time of year is between 40 and 85 degrees.  Check the weather forecast to make sure you pack the right clothes!
  • Is there any place I can connect to the Internet when I’m on campus?
    One computer lab will be available in each residential neighborhood, for guests to check email.  Printing will not be available in these computer labs. Download instructions to access the MSU Network.
  • Can special dietary needs and/or food allergies be accommodated in the dining halls?
    Yes.  Many special dietary needs (for example, a person with diabetes, or those who prefer a vegetarian diet), can be easily accommodated by choosing appropriately from the wide variety of choices that will be available at each meal.  If you have a team member with a medically required dietary need (such as a food allergy), please contact Gina Keilen via email (keileng@rhs.msu.edu) or phone (517) 884-6414, with the team member’s information and accommodation needs in advance of their arrival. Also, please list the member’s full name, contact telephone number and description of requirement when you submit your Lodging and Meals Reservation Form.
  • Can parents staying off campus eat in the same dining hall as the team?
    Of course! Individual guest meals can be purchased at the entrance of most dining centers on a cash-only basis.      
  • What kind of meals can we expect in the dining center?
    You will be assigned to a specific dining center for your meals.  All persons who have purchased Odyssey of the Mind housing packages will be issued a color-coded wristband and conference card allowing them into the appropriate dining center.  Meals typically include a selection of entrees, hot and cold side dishes, salad bar, fresh fruits and vegetables, and a variety of desserts and beverages. 
  • What time do the dining halls close?
    Breakfast will be available from 6:00 AM – 9:30 AM, lunch from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM and dinner from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM. If arriving to campus for registration, please plan to arrive at registration by 6:00 pm, to ensure that you will have time to take advantage of dinner in the dining centers.
  • Our team is arriving after the dining halls close; however, the package we purchased includes dinner that day.  Will dinner be provided?
    If you plan to arrive after the scheduled dinner hours, we encourage you to make plans to eat prior to arriving or explore the many great dining options available to you in the community.
  • What is the penalty if we cancel our housing reservation?
    There is no penalty if you cancel your reservation by Friday, April 26, 2019.  Cancellations after April 26, 2019 are subject to a 50% penalty.  NO CANCELLATIONS WHATSOEVER WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER MAY 3, 2019!
  • Can we make changes to our housing reservations if we reserve our space now?
    Absolutely! Please enter your information as quickly as possible. You can modify your housing reservations through Friday, April 26, 2019.
  • What types of rooms are used for housing?
    Your team will get the actual feeling of living like college students! Most residence hall rooms are suited, with two bedrooms sharing an adjoining bathroom.  Suite-mates must be able to share a bathroom.  Most residence hall rooms are double-occupancy; however, some are single and triple occupancy rooms.  Beds are single (twin) beds, debunked and with railings.
  • Will a team member be housed with someone he/she does not know or with another adult?
    In order to accommodate all teams it will be necessary to assign one person to every available bed. This means that if a team has 9 persons assigned to rooms with a total of 10 beds, there may be a person from another team of the same gender and similar age assigned to the remaining space.  An adult will not be assigned to a room with a team member unless requested on the housing form.
  • Will males and females be housed together in the same residence hall?
    Males and females may be assigned within the same residence hall room if requested. Males and females may be assigned within the same suite or apartment, but not within the same sleeping room unless requested.
  • Will I be provided linens?
    Yes! In an effort to make your stay easier, each person will be provided with a pillow, pillowcase, sheets, blanket, and 2 towels. Daily towel exchanges will be available at the service centers.  Feel free to bring your favorite pillow or blanket if you wish.
  • Are laundry facilities available?
    Yes, your conference card will give you free access to the laundry facilities in the residence halls.
  • When will we know where we’re staying?
    When you get to campus and register for your housing you will receive your housing assignment.
  • Who will I room with?
    When you fill out your Lodging and Meals Reservation Form you can request your roommate. We will do our best to accommodate you.
  • Can anyone enter the residence halls?
    Residence halls will be open from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm daily.  You must use the front entrance to enter a building between 10:00 pm to 7:00 am.  Team members must scan their conference card to enter and will only be allowed entrance to the hall where they are housed.  Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am daily.  Out of respect for other competing teams, please keep noise at a minimum during quiet hours.  Unruly behavior should be reported to the resident assistant, MSU staff, or Odyssey Information promptly.
  • What if I lose the key card to my room?
    If you lose your keys/cards, the charge will be $75 for the room key, $15 for the bathroom key and $10 for the conference card. Charges will be billed to the teams by Odyssey of the Mind after World Finals.
  • If the residence halls are filled to capacity and my team is assigned to off-campus housing, how will we get to and from campus?
    If we exceed the capacity of the residence halls and your team is assigned to off-campus housing, you will be provided with regular shuttles to and from campus and to and from all World Finals event sites.  All teams housed off campus by the university will be provided breakfast and dinner in their residence and lunches will be provided in a designated site on campus.
  • Our team would like to stay in a hotel. Will you help us with those arrangements?
    If you wish to be guaranteed hotel lodging, you can see a list of nearby hotels at the Greater Lansing Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.
  • Can teams staying off campus use the recreational facilities?
    Yes, the registration fee covers all of the events and recreation opportunities at World Finals. These include the Creativity Festival and the International Festival.  Team members and adults staying on campus are permitted to participate in recreational activities at MSU’s IM East and West Buildings, which includes the outdoor pool. A room key from the residence hall must be shown to access the pool at IM West.  Teams staying off campus will be provided a “recreation only” wristband at Registration.  Towels are not provided. 
  • Who can attend the competitions and ceremonies on campus and how much are the tickets?
    Everyone is welcome to attend, and the event is free to the public. For the Opening and Awards Ceremonies you need a ticket to enter. Participating teams will get their tickets when they sign in at the Odyssey of the Mind registration desk. Spectators who are not staying in Odyssey housing may pick up their complimentary tickets on the day of the event at the Odyssey Information Booth or at the Arena Box Office the evening of the event. [Only one ticket per person will be distributed. This helps prevent over-distribution of tickets by giving mass quantities to more than one person from the same group.]
  • Will I need a vehicle to get around campus?
    Campus will operate a free local shuttle service throughout the competition connecting the residence halls, central campus and the International Center. Since parking is very limited on campus, we highly encourage teams and spectators to utilize the shuttle whenever possible.
  • Do drivers need a parking permit?
    Ramp 7/Lot 16, 83, 89 and 91 have been designated for your use and will be complimentary from May 20th through May 26th.  Parking will also be complimentary in Lots 63E and 63W during Opening Ceremonies on May 22nd and the Awards Ceremony on May 25th.  A limited number of permits will be sold at $12.00 each allowing parking in lots 63E and 63W (both south of Breslin) 65 (around Brody) 79 (south of stadium) and ramp 3 (Wharton Ramp visitor section – off Shaw Lane) and Ramp 5 (south of Communication Arts & Sciences Building) during the week of World Finals.  These permits can be purchased at the MSU Parking Office between 8 AM and 4 PM Monday through Friday.  Normal restrictions apply to fire lanes, disabled parking spaces, spaces reserved for university vehicles, and spaces reserved for faculty and staff.  Parking in roadways, on pedestrian walkways, grass, or on landscaped areas is also prohibited.  Please take care to avoid these restricted areas.  NOTE:  Parking is enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Please plan ahead so you do not receive a citation.
  • Can I get a handicapped parking permit?
    Only state-issued handicapped parking permits will be honored in the unrestricted lots.
  •  We would like to drive our RV to campus.  May we park on campus?
    Individuals are not permitted to stay in RVs and Campers on campus. 
  •  When can we check on our props? If we are driving our props to campus, where do we deliver them?
    Check your carrier’s website to see if your shipment has been delivered to Michigan State University. Upon delivery to MSU, your prop will be held for delivery to the prop location site between the dates of May 20-22. You may check MSU Logistics’ website to see if your shipment was delivered to the prop location site by using U-Track.  To track your shipment, enter the carrier tracking number in the “Carrier’s Tracking Number” field and click “U-Track It!” If your shipment is in “trap” status, it has been received and is being held for delivery to the prop location site and will be delivered soon.  “Odyssey Delivered” status means your props have been delivered to your prop location site.  Props will be grouped according to problem and division and delivered to the designated storage area near the competition site between the dates of May 20-22. Download additional prop information here. Download a prop shipping label here.
  • How do we arrange to ship our props home?
    All teams are responsible to pre-arrange for PREPAID or C.O.D. shipments of any materials requiring return.  All returns must be properly packaged and have a prepaid return shipping label attached to each item being shipped. A completed Bill of Lading (BOL) must be attached to the carton/crate for all freight returns. Props requiring return should be left in the prop storage rooms to allow Logistics to pick up and stage for carrier pick up.  Do not request a carrier pick up at the prop storage location.   For additional information, click here.
  •  When will the competition schedule be available?
    The tentative competition schedule will be available on Wednesday, May 1st at 6 PM EST until Friday, May 3rd at 6 PM EST.  The final competition schedule will be posted on Monday, May 6th.
  • How do I contact my child once the team arrives on campus?
    Most cell phones work on campus and in the residence halls. Team members should call home and give family members their residence hall name, room number, and the 24-Hour Conference Desk number for that area. During the competition, parents or family members may call in an emergency to contact their son or daughter.  The phone number, (517) 355-1855 will be answered 24 hours a day. This is the campus operator.  They have instructions on how to forward your call.  It is important that you mention you are looking for someone with the Odyssey of the Mind Competition.  Please remember this is for emergency only.
  • Is there a health center on campus in the event of an emergency?
    Olin Memorial Health Center is located on the north edge of Michigan State University campus, on East Circle Drive. Patients under the age of 18 will need medical consent from a parent or legal guardian. The Primary Care Clinic at Olin is able to treat patients 14 years of age and older.   Patients under the age of 14 will need to be seen at a health care facility with a pediatrician, such as the Sparrow Health System facilities.  Sparrow Urgent Care (517-333-6562) is located at 2682 East Grand River in East Lansing.  Medical care is also available through the emergency room of the E.W. Sparrow Hospital located at 1215 East Michigan Avenue, Lansing, MI.
  • Will any of the events be broadcast online?
    Opening Ceremonies, the Float and Banner Parade, the Graduation Ceremony and the Awards Ceremony will be broadcast as a live web cast during the ceremony as it occurs. They will also be posted online after the event.
  • How soon will I be able to view my child’s picture online?
    The photo gallery will begin on Wednesday and be added to throughout the event and after World Finals. Not all photos will be posted in the gallery. Make sure each team member brings a signed Media Release Form to Registration.  Team photos are provided by Premier Portraits Studio (http://www.ctpremierphotos.com/) and you can get more information while having your team picture taken. Some photos and updates will also be posted on Odyssey HQ social media accounts.
  • Who is eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony?
    If you are missing your graduation ceremony because you are attending the Odyssey of the Mind 2019 World Finals, you are invited to participate in the graduation ceremony. Due to time and space restrictions, we cannot invite all students to participate. To participate in the graduation ceremony, please complete the graduation form in your winner’s packet and return to CCI before April 26, 2019 or register online. In order to plan this special ceremony, late registrants cannot be accepted. Graduates are encouraged to wear caps and gowns for this ceremony. However, everyone is encouraged to attend the event in order to support their fellow participants and see Dr. Sam and OMER!
  • When will we see the team’s scores on the website?
    The team’s scores will be available on the website immediately after the Awards Ceremony ends on Saturday evening.
  • What is OMER’S News and where can I find it?
    OMER’s News is the daily Odyssey of the Mind World Finals Newsletter. The first edition is available when you arrive on campus and new editions are distributed each day starting Thursday morning. OMER’s News can be found in the residence halls, at locations throughout campus, and online.