World Finals has a ton of great photo-ops and excited kids and parents willing to talk to the media. Here are a few guidelines to make your time at World Finals go smoothly:

  • We will be pleased to provide an escort to guide you around campus to various competition and event sites. We can also give you a special press pass to help identify you to teams.
  • When going to a team’s performance, please visit the judges on the site (they have red shirts with the word “official” on the back) and let them know you are here. They can show you the best area to watch/film/photograph.
  • During the introduction of each team, the Judge tells the audience if the team will allow flash photography and videotaping during its performance. Please comply with the team’s request.
  • If you wish to interview a team, please do so after the team’s performance and after the team has left the performance site.
  • It’s a good idea to first talk to the team’s coach, if available, to obtain permission to interview or spend time with the team. There is a special area set aside for coaches, Odyssey judges on the site can show you where.
  • Because of the secretive nature of the spontaneous problems, we cannot allow any individual to enter the spontaneous competition rooms. However, we can escort you to the outside holding area, where teams wait to be called in to compete. If you wish to experience spontaneous, arrangements can be made for you to observe a performance.

We are here to accommodate you in any way that we can. Thank you for your interest!

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