OMER’s Spectacular Fashion!

The Problem

OMER is hosting a creative fashion show and he wants YOU to be a part of it. Your problem is to design, create, and wear a costume that does something spectacular to impress OMER.

  1. The costume:
    – must be original, however, it may include commercially produced parts.
    -must not include components that are supported by the floor or something resting on the floor. The costume may touch the floor as long as the floor is not supporting it.
    -must be one costume worn by one or more competitors. There can be as many people involved in the costume as you wish.
    -can be anything you wish and can appear to be multiple items as long as the costume as a whole remains coordinated. It must move as one costume down the runway.
    -will do something spectacular at the end of the runway to impress OMER. This can be audible and/or visible. The more spectacular the effect, the higher you will place.
    -must be safe in its design. For example, your costume isn’t allowed to have AC power. If it is judged to pose potential harm to anyone or the competition site, it will be prohibited. See 2016-17 Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide.
  2. Everything counts toward the appearance of the costume and the spectacular element including cosmetics, apparel, eyewear, etc. Any actions or sounds also count for the spectacular effect.
  3. You will show off your costume in front of an audience so make sure your appearance is never inappropriate.
The Competition
  1. You will be assigned a number when you register at the competition site.
  2. When your number is announced you move to the Start Line in costume. Anyone that will be part of the costume will follow. If members are only part of the spectacular element, they may join once you reach the end of the runway.
  3. A judge will blow a whistle to indicate that it’s time to demonstrate the costume.
  4. Demonstrating the Costume:
    -Competitors will move one at a time from behind the Start Line down the Runway and into the taped Spectacular Zone at the end of the runway. The distance between lines will be approximately 35’. Two taped lines form the Runway (10’ apart and parallel and 20 feet long) and at the end, a taped square 15’ (Spectacular Zone). The taped lines are guides, not boundaries.
  5. Once a competitor reaches the Spectacular Zone, you will signal to any additional members and OMER that it’s time for the Spectacular element. You will have 30 seconds to show off your design. Then everyone that’s part of the costume will walk back to the Start Line together.
  6. Qualifying rounds will run as needed, with finalists advancing at each stage.
  1. Your costume will be rated by the amount of change when it is in the Spectacular section, the creativity of its design, and crowd support. Scoring will be determined as follows:
  2. Crowd response = 50%
  3. Trio of Judges & OMER = 50%
  4. Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
  5. A trophy will be awarded to the person with the most outstanding STYLE. In this problem, Style will be how well you make yourself stand out from the rest. Every contestant is eligible, even those who place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

Download the problem and participation form!