Basics Spontaneous Kit


The baseball cap kit is the most basic of Thinking Caps and we have put together a kit that focuses on the basics. From the verbal problems that help the team practice recognizing the creative potential of every day words, phrases, and objects to the hands-on problems that will help the team with key concepts such as structural bases and material properties. Baseball Cap Basics is designed to help your team establish the foundation they need to become a successful spontaneous team.  This kit will ship separately from the rest of your order.

This packet contains 30 problems broken up into the following categories:

o Basic Verbal Problems (15)

  • Simple (6)
  • 2-Part Simple (4)
  • Fill-Ins (4)
  • 2-Part Fill-Ins (1)

o Complex Verbal Problems (4)

  • Necessary Response (1)
  • Skit (1)
  • Story (2)

o Basic Hands-On/Verbal Problems (3)

  • Single Object (1)
  • Multiple Objects (1)
  • Skit (1)

o Complex Hands-On/Verbal Problems (3)

  • Single Object (1)
  • Multiple Objects (2)

o Hands-On Problems (5)

  • Structure (1)
  • Task Related (4)

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