Buddy Teams

International teams must indicate if they want a buddy team when they register for World Finals. International teams should not complete this form.
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 If selected, do you need to be housed with another team from your school? If so, please provide their membership name, number, problem, and division:
 Do you wish to be housed in the same facility as your Buddy Team even if it means that you might not be housed with teams from your state?

All countries listed may not send a representative, so please rank your first three choices numerically and then select "Yes" to others you would consider as well.
Africa Argentina
Australia Belarus
British Columbia China
Czech Republic El Salvador
Germany Greece
Hong Kong Hungary
Indonesia India
Japan Kazakhstan
Lithuania Malaysia
Mexico Moldova
Netherlands Philippines
Poland Russia
Singapore Slovak Republic
South Korea Switzerland
Turkey Ukraine
United Kingdom Uzbekistan
Any Int'l Team

 If there is anything special you feel you could offer to an international team, or any other information you would like to share, add it below. :

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