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2023 Florida State Tournament
Volunteer Registration


We simply cannot hold a tournament without our Volunteer Workers. In order for all aspects of a tournament to run smoothly our Florida Odyssey State Tournament requires 200+ Workers & Volunteers.

Workers will be assigned to their Role and time prior to tournament to ensure all roles and time slots are covered. Positions and times are given so that workers are allowed to see their teams perform. All times are assigned to allow you to be able to see your teams LONG TERM problem solution.

Florida Odyssey State Tournament – Volunteer Worker Requirements

Each team is required to supply a Worker/Volunteer who must be registered a week after your Regional Tournament as part of your tournament registration. Any team provided worker/volunteer who does not show to the Tournament could incur a $100 fine and the team risks a 25-point penalty.

2023 Florida Odyssey State Tournament

Date: April 8, 2023

Location: Orange County Convention Center, west Concourse, Orlando, FL


If you are experiencing difficulties with any of the above, please contact:

Anna Long at or call (407)484-3466.

 Worker Information
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 Job Preference Information
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 Team information
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 Coach Information
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 Do you have a child on a team?
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State Tournament Volunteer’s Commitment and Requirements:

Volunteers MUST be 18-years or older, unless approved by the Association Director or the Tournament Manager.  Your team coach will be notified of their shift approximately 2-weeks prior to tournament day.  In the event of a team provided volunteer worker not showing up for their assigned shift, the team risks a $100 fine and a 25 point penalty.


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