Wednesday, June 26, 2019  

Novaeast Region 11 Tournament
Volunteer Registration


In order to insure a quality Regional Odyssey competition, we need to insure we have a minimum number of volunteers to help the day run smoothly. NoVAEAST teams MUST supply ONE VOLUNTEER for every 3 TEAMS from their school. For example: if a school has 2 teams, 1 volunteer would be needed; if a school has 5 teams, 2 volunteers would be needed. Volunteers will be assigned a 2-hour window with a specific task on the day of the Regional Competition.  Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact them by email to let them know the time they will be needed.


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 Team Information
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EVERY 3 TEAMS must have a Volunteer to represent them. It is up to each coach to insure that his/her team is represented.  Contact your school coordinator if you are unsure. 


Please supply the name of your volunteer NO LATER than the date of your team registration.

Please understand many factors go into assigning Volunteer Jobs. Every effort is made to insure Volunteer choices. However, there is no guarantee that Volunteers will receive their preferred choices.

If you have any questions, please contact Carey Hancey-Shier at



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