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Wisconsin State OotM Tournament
Judge/Volunteer Registration

Wisconsin's Odyssey of the Mind program is run completely by volunteers. Judges are needed to provide a tournament for the teams who have worked  hard on their solutions. This is a very enjoyable and rewarding opportunity.

Each team is required to provide one judge who is signed up online by January 31st . Qualified judges are at least 18 yars old, satisfy the training requirement and are available to judge all day long at the tournament. Training dates are listed on the Calendar page of the Wisconsin state website:

A 25 point unsportsmanlike conduct penalty will be assessed to teams that do not meet the judges requirement. 

To credit yourself to a team you will need the team's membership name, number, problem and division. This information can be obtained from the team's coach or the district's membership contact. If you don't have this information, you can still credit yourself to a school by entering the name of the school in place of the membership name. If you are representing a team as their required judge, you must select "Judge" from the drop down box next to "I am registering as a" (located in the upper right).

If you are interested in a specific type of judging position, you can request it from the drop down boxes located next to "Job preference". If you are unfamiliar with the judging positions or have no idea what you will enjoy the most, just select "Pick one" in the drop down boxes. 

Thank you for judging! The kids have worked hard to create their solutions and you have a very important role in evaluating their work. You are in for one of the most exciting and satisfying experiences!

Volunteer/Judge Information
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