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Western PA Regional Competition
Judge Registration

Welcome to the Western PA Judge Registration process


You will need the following information to successfully complete your online registration.

  • Name,  address, phone #, email address
  • The membership #,  Problem name and #, and Division of the team/membership you are to represent.

In the registration fields, you see boxes labeled "Job Preference 1" and "Job Preference 2."  If you represent a team, YOU ONLY NEED TO FILL IN JOB PREFERENCE 1.  Click on the type of judge the team you represent assigned you - that would be either a SPONTANEOUS Judge or a LONG TERM PROBLEM judge. 

Judging Committment:

  • As a Judge, Probelm ( Long Term ) or Spontaneous, I understand that I will attend the online Judge Training.
  • I understand that I will participate in General Rules training as well as training in the specific Problem in which the team I represent is presenting their solution, or in Spontabeous training if I represent a Membership.
  • As a Problem or Spontaneous Judge for the Regional Tournament I understand I will be judging virtual submissions.
  • I recognize that I will not judge the Division in which the team I represent will compete.  I recognize that it is NOT likley that I will be able to view the team's Long Term presentation, unless I repreesnt a Primary team.
  • I will not wear any apparel or paraphenalia on Tournament Day that might indicate which school I represent.
  • I understand, as a LONG TERM PROBLEM judge, if my team advances to the State Fianls, I will be required to represent my team as their required trained/experienced judge. 
  • I may also need to go to State Fianls if a team in my membership advances, and I am the Membership's Spontaneous judge.

If you have ANY questions or concerns at ANY time, do not hesitate to contact or your Problem Captain, whose contact info can be found on our WPA website,, or one of us.

After submitting this form, you will receive an automatic email confirmation.  

THANK YOU for providing your time and life experiences to these events!   

Best Regards,

Angela Melton, 412-848-1342
Susan Rosati, 412-418-9117
Judge Information
 First name
 Last name
 City, state, zip   

 Experience in years

Are you representing a team?    No | Yes

Do you have any children/relatives competing?   No | Yes

 Position(s) Held (Check all that apply)
  Spontaneous Verbal
  Head Judge
  Problem Judge
  Holding Room
  Weigh-In Judge
  Staging Area Judge
  Score Checker
  Time Keeper
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  Score Room
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