Kaitlyn Hsu
Canyon Del Oro, Tucson, Arizona
Problem 3, Division III
Kaitlyn’s artistic talents allowed her recreate a 2D representation of Cupid’s Psyche Revived. She mimicked the delicate values and forms with exacting precision.  Her talent, skill, passion, spirit and philosophy of Odyssey are exemplified through Kaitlyn’s kindness and consideration in helping others achieve the team’s goals.

Tony Colton
Sarasota Christian School, Sarasota Florida
Problem 3, Division III
Tony stands out as truly representing, not only Odyssey of the Mind spirit, but the spirit of all who see lemons and make lemonade, lemon pie, and lemon bars to feed the neighborhood. Tony is 17 years old and has been battling cancer for 6 years. Through surgeries and chemo, he attends every Odyssey meeting, even if he has to do it through Skype. He is the anchor of the team, contributing great ideas, technical expertise, and always a positive outlook.

Wuhan College of Ind Tech
Wuhan, China
Problem 3, Division IV
This team revived the art of needle point and elevated paper folding to new heights. It spent months totally recreating a classic painting through the art of needle point – every detail and color was captured so precisely that the final product tricked our eyes into believing yarn was paint. VanGogh’s famous Sunflowers came to life through thousands of pieces of folded paper layered with paint and shredded paper. The attention to detail and artistic quality of the works truly allowed the artists creativity to shine.