Odyssey Story Time!

Check back each day, around 7:30 pm EST, to read Odyssey stories from teams all around the world! If you’d like to submit your own, email a picture and your favorite Odyssey of the Mind memory (in 250 words or less) to pressroom@odysseyofthemind.com. Enjoy!

Meredith Condit

World Finals 2018 was memorable for many reasons, but one of the very best things was choosing to be a buddy team that year. It was our second year to go to World Finals so we thought maybe we could help a team who might not know where to go or what to do, but that was not what happened at all. It was much more than that. Our all-girl team from Florida was paired with an all-girl team from Singapore and it was instant symbiotic magic. They had so much fun together. Trading stories, gifts, pins, watching each other’s solutions, and celebrating together after the Awards Ceremony. We even went on a wild search to find American barbecue to share with them. It was fun and those relationships continued long after they returned home. That year was very special in so many ways and having a buddy team made it perfect.