EuroFest 2013

This year EuroFest will be held in Germany from April 26- May 1 -- and it's expected to be the largest gathering yet! The event will bring creative minds together from across the globe. This will be the 21st festival held and Germany will be hosting it for the seventh time -- a record amount. Germany is also where the fi rst EuroFest was held.

Here, teams will showcase their Odyssey of the Mind solutions over three days. It will be a chance to celebrate creativity, learn about new cultures, and make new friends from around the world. Additionally, some teams from different countries will be mixed together to solve a special EuroFest problem that will be presented on the fi nal day of the event.

Some expected countries are Hungary, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Moldova, Romania, China, the U.S. and India. France is also expected to make its EuroFest debut.

Last year, several teams from the U.S. traveled to EuroFest in Russia and had a blast representing the country at the event. To learn more about EuroFest registration visit: