Odyssey Angels Progress Reports

There has been an enormous response to the 2nd year of the Odyssey Angels program. We have received so many inspiring ideas during the Odyssey Angel enrollment period and are proud that so many people are willing to help their communities and give aid to those who may otherwise be overlooked.

There are groups helping storm-affected families, neighbors with disabilities, fellow students, foster kids, homeless shelters, and more. We consider everyone a hero that chose to enroll. Unfortunately, only one group can be selected to attend World Finals. Here are the next steps to completing the Odyssey Angel program for this year.

If you have enrolled in the program by completing the online enrollment form, you will be sent a follow-up email that contains the "Progress Report" form for your group.

A representative can fill it out and return it any time before the April 1st deadline. You must return it by this time in order to be eligible to attend World Finals and present your project at the Creativity Festival.

The form simply asks what you have done so far for your project and requires a reference from the community member(s) you are helping. Keep in mind that your project can be ongoing. You don't have to stop because of the deadline. Also, remember that you do not have to fi ll out the form as soon as you receive it. You should submit it when you feel it is the best time to be judged on your work, as long as it is before the deadline.

After April 1st the Odyssey Angels panel will have the diffi - cult task of selecting just one group to attend World Finals. This group will by notifi ed by Odyssey Angels Director Cheryl Micklus and the results will be posted to the Odyssey Angels web site. There are so many generous and creative entries that although only one group can present at World Finals, many communities around the world benefit -- they are the true winners! Again, we thank the groups for their hard work and look forward to reading about all the good that has been done in those progress reports!

Learn more at www.odysseyangels.org

The Pinetree Secondary School was selected to attend World Finals in 2012. The Pinetree Odyssey Angels display their creative design for a shopping cart that traveled across Canada. This group helped Joe Roberts of the Push for Change Campaign raise funds and awareness for homeless youth.

The group was presented a plaque at the 2012 World Finals Opening Ceremonies at Iowa State University. Joe Roberts even traveled to Iowa to surprise the group and to speak about the project.