2009 - 2010 Spring Newsletter

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Max Mansfield Memorial Award Winner Announced
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Great Minds:
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2010 - 2011 Long-Term Problem Synopses
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Coaches & Officials Problem
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2010 Problem Tees

Show off the problem you completed this year with an Odyssey of the Mind problem shirt. Each tee comes in white and has the name of a problem, 2010, and Odyssey of the Mind on the front. Each problem has its own color imprint that matches up with the new long-term problem wristbands. It also goes great with a complementary pin! The back is blank so you can decorate it to show your own creativity. These items are available online only. It's a great way to show off your Odyssey spirit!

New Book in Production
Not often does a book tell you to go out and start creating problems, but as with most things Odyssey of the Mind -- always expect the unexpected!

A new book about creativity is in the works now that encourages readers to make up their own problems in order to help enhance their creative problem-solving skills. While there will be samples of past long-term and spontaneous problems, there will also be ways to create your own problems using inspiration from every day life and objects. It's your chance to "think outside-of-the-program!"

With practice, you will be creating problems (and solutions) at any time. Soon you will be able to see objects in your surroundings and be stimulated to think and create.

You'll be using one of Dr. Sam's favorite sayings when you see something out of the ordinary --"There's a problem in that!

Also available in pdf format. (1200KB)

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