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Time to solve problems

NORTH ATTLEBORO -- Several North Attleboro Middle School teams used their creative problem-solving skills to participate in the Massachusetts Odyssey of the Mind tournament on Saturday.

Teams worked on four different problems.

The first, which all four North teams participated in, required them to design, build and drive a human-powered vehicle and camper. When the vehicle arrived at the campground, the teams disconnected the camper and took the vehicle on a team-created nature trail, where the vehicle had to overcome an obstacle, clean up the environment, encounter wildlife and undergo a repair.

In the next problem, two North teams had to make and operate a series of aircraft that could complete a variety of flight plans, including flying straight, making a target spin, traveling slowly dropping something into a target, touching down and taking off and a mass launch of multiple air crafts.

For the third problem, all four teams built balsa wood columns that were supposed to function together to balance and support as much weight as possible.

Checking the scoresOdyssey of the Mind judges from left: Jane Pilch, Jeff Winer and Shelby Montague go over some scores in the North Attleboro Middle School gym.
In their final problem, one team created and presented an original performance, including the portrayal of the discovery of two archaeological treasures.

The Odyssey of the Mind is an international program that strives to bring kindergarten to college-aged students together to use their creativity to problem solve. The students work on the problems ahead of time and bring their solutions to the tournament. The competition is about creativity more than knowledge.

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