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Berthoud Division III Odyssey of the Mind teams place first.

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It was a good day for the Division III Odyssey of the Mind teams as the weekend Long's Peak Tournament. Competing on the home court at Berthoud High School, both teams took first place in their combined long term and spontaneous problem and earned a berth at the state level competition.

Discovered Treasure

The team coached by Scott and Jennifer Stewart took the Discovered Treasure problem as their performance. The team included three Turner Middle School students, Melody Blackis, Analyse DeSousa and Emmie Wellems, are all 8th graders. Completing the team are high school sophomores, Tess Sewart, Eva Henning and TJ Pippin-Mandley and junior Brendon Stewart.

Their problem was to recover an archeological treasure from the past, then travel to the future, and recover an archeological treasure from the 1900's.

Their theme was a game show called "Who wants to be a Treasurer Hunter," with Melody Blackis as the show moderator. The two contestants, played by Brendon Stewart and Emmie Wellems, choose treasure boxes that gave them their assignments. Emmie was to travel to the past and recover a treasure in Pompeii in the 1700's. She discovered a partially burned basket under a staircase. The basket had survived the volcano's eruption. She also met Joaquin Alcubeirre, played by Eva Henning, an Italian Archeologist who was digging at the site.

Brendon traveled to the future and discovered the Voyager and the golden record recorded by Jimmy Carter in 1976. He also discovered two aliens, Analyse DeSousan and Tess Steware, who played the record for him.

Both Brendon and Emmie traveled thru time in the space portal behind them in the scene. Both accidentally brought back visitors with them when they returned to present day, the two aliens and Joaquin Alcubeirre.

TJ Pippin-Mandley was the cinematographer who documented the game show.

Food Court

The other Division one team consists of four sophomores, Stefanie Messick, Kaitlyn Baker, Emilie Henning and Aja Mattisse-Lorenzon. The Coach is David Baker

This team chose the long-term problem "Food Court." They had to create and present a humorous performance where a food item is accused of being unhealthy and must defend itself among its food peers. All characters are food items and will include "the accused," "the accuser," a jury that is not portrayed by team members, and additional team-created characters.

The team created their solution to demonstrate that things are not always what they seem, even with food. The team knew that gluten intolerance is a problem for many people yet not obvious in foods. To highlight this idea they chose to make the accused a crouton. To emphasize gluten intolerance, the end of the trial results in lethal rejection from the body for the gluten carrier. This is shown by the pulling of the uvula. The team then sings and plays the saxophone to parody of the song "Cruella DeVil." Their creation is "Arugula Kale."

Coach David Baker had this to say about the team, "The team was amazing in their ability to create humor by highlighting serious topics such as food allergies, the legal system and consumerism. They worked tirelessly as a team and constantly challenged themselves to refine their ideas. They were a joy to coach. We are looking forward to the challenge of state competition."

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