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Odyssey students aim for Houston

A host of area students are on their way to state competition, but not in conventional pursuits. These students are participating in Odyssey of the Mind, an international “thinking outside the box?program that “provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college,?according to the Web site, http://www.txodyssey.org.

Participating in regional competition in Taylor March 6 were teams from all La Vernia Independent School District campuses, two teams representing Poth Junior High School, and home-schooled students from the San Antonio HERO organization. All but three of the area teams will travel to Houston for the April 17 state meet.

Area teams competed in five problems in three age divisions. The problems are Nature Trail’R, Return to the Gift of Flight, Discovered Treasures, Column Structure, and Food Court.

Nature Trail’R, Division I

La Vernia Primary School: Jayne Burrhus, Kambrie Brandt, Anderson Comeaux, Audrey Comeaux, Rayne Wegehaupt, Braden Hanselka, and Michael Miller (advancing to state).

La Vernia Inter-mediate School: John Rutkowski, David Garza, Shawnee Allen, Abby Secrest, Blake Mutz, Travis Puhlman, and Kristen Blount (advancing to state).

Nature Trail’R, Division II ?San Antonio HERO: Ian Klupac, Jules Pavliska, Kayla Kopecki, Lucas Marlin, Kevin Nolan, and Harlon Schmidt, coached by Karen Klupac (advancing to state)

Nature Trail’R, Division III ?San Antonio HERO: Ellie and Joel Pavliska, Katie Klupac, Alyssa Kopecki, Eric Nolan, Austen Bates, and Devin Van Bibber, coached by Carol Pavliska (advancing to state).

Return to the Gift of Flight, Division II - La Vernia Junior High School: Payton Bernhardt, Megan Ervin, Kelly Poore, Brett Cheverton, Zachary Lansford, and Cameron Condreay (advancing to state).

Discovered Treasures, Division I

La Vernia Intermediate School: Chesney Halsey, Madison Saulter, Cymbrey Kappmeyer, Sarah Wildenstein, Isabel Smith, Allyson White, and Kylie Northam (advancing to state)

La Vernia Primary School: Zoi Olivarez, Tiffany Brown, Morgan Vajdos, Grace Burg, Hailey Janysek, Shelby Rodriguez, and Danielle Maldonado (advancing to state).

Discovered Treasures, Division II
Poth Junior High School: Ashleigh Moody, McKayla Maha, Jason Kolodziej, Jonathan Pape, Noah Wiatrek, Allie Wehde, and Christina Gorzell, coached by Kimberly Lynch and Judy Scheffler (advancing to state).

La Vernia Junior High School: Madison Balderas, Addison Black, Natalee Ford, Megan Miller, and Lynsey Terrill (advancing to state).

Column Structure, Division I - La Vernia Primary School: Michael Maldonado, Travis Domke, Chris Brown, Samuel Robertson, Jared Gilbertson, and Jacob Perez

Column Structure, Division II - La Vernia Junior High School: Gavin Bigler, Gage Brandt, Allegra Holifield, Ruby Lira, Matthew Montgomery, Braedon Wegehaupt, and Kaillee Wegehaupt (advancing to state).

Food Court, Division I

La Vernia Intermediate School: Macensey Clark, Kristen McCloskey, Alyssa Johnson, Jayden Huth, Lola Toniazzo, Carson Black, Hayley Stroud (advancing to state)

San Antonio HERO: Camille Pavliska, Haley Kopecki, Megan Kopecki, Keziah Hernandez, Emma Klupac, Grace Klupac, and Noah Marlin, coached by Wendy Kopecki.

Poth Elementary School: Caleb Albert, Garrett Darr, Joshua Jones, Dawson Weaks, Rachel Raabe, Tatum Lynch, and Nicole Laskowski, coached by Lisa West and Lorelei Rodgers.

La Vernia High School sent two teams to Taylor, competing in Division III of the Discovered Treasures and Food Court problems. Advancing to state are Ali Beck, Taylor Johnson, Abi Nixon, A.J. Ramon, Esteban Rodriguez, Victoria Camacho, Scott Grayson, Kirsti O’Brien, Shelby Shaw, and Sabrina Valerio.

La Vernia coaches are Brandi Hanselka, Mary Stephenson, Jackie Hill, Nikki Myrick, Michelle Brandt, Kimi Kravitz, Margaret Wortham, Donna Miller, Karen Comeaux, Sheri Boos, Lisa Barnes, Renee Olivarez, Heidi Brown, Amie Gaylor, and Roma Burrhus.

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