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Newark Charter sending Odyssey teams to World Finals

Published: Friday, April 17, 2009 1:43 PM CDT
Two of the nine Odyssey of the Mind teams from Newark Charter School are headed to Ames, Iowa to compete at the 30th World finals. Odyssey of the Mind is an international, problem solving competition that is designed to promote teamwork, critical (and out of the box) thinking and creativity. Teams choose one of five long-term problems to solve, each of which includes specific elements that must appear in the solution. The solution/performance is presented at competition. Every team is also given a spontaneous problem to brainstorm on the spot. Over 200 teams in Delaware worked months preparing for the state competition, which was held March 3rd at the University of Delaware. Winners of each division and select creativity awards move on to compete at the Worlds. Here, over 800 teams (approximately 30 states, 20 countries) compete! Delaware will be sending a total of 25 teams- 2 from Newark Charter.

Both teams from Newark Charter School performed the "Lost Labor of Heracles". Within 7 minutes and a limited budget, the teams performance had to re-create one of the known labors that Heracles performed during his quest to become a God, as well as an additional, "lost labor". The solution had to include an explanation as to why the labor was lost in history. Additionally, an artistic representation of a Greek God or Goddess that comes to life, a team created mythological creature that includes 3 different body parts, and an additional team created character must be incorporated into the solution. The Division II teams solution revolved around Poseiden, and his quest to catch a fish for his wife's anniversary .... while the Division I team had Heracles, with the assistance of his friends Hermes and Joey collecting the planets! The Division II team swept their competition, taking first place in long term, style and spontaneous. The Division I team took a close 2nd, and was invited to replace the first place team who was unable to make the trip to Iowa this year.

This is the second year NCS had teams participating in Odyssey of the Mind. These are the first of their teams to qualify for World Finals!

Teams are working to raise funds to offset travel expenses. The NCS teams will be hosting a car wash April 25th at the school parking lot (2001 Patriot Way).

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